Magnesium Orotate

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Magnesium orotate:
• Orotate form of magnesium is delivered efficiently to cells.
• Good for muscle cramps, calf spasms
• Nervousness
• Cardiac arrhythmia
• Tremor

As many as 80% of Americans are deficient in the nutrient mineral magnesium. A research review published in the journal Open Heart called the situation "a public health crisis," because magnesium plays a critical role in such diverse health problems as migraines, asthma, chronic lung disease, and cardiac conditions, such as heart attack and arrhythmias, bone health, sleep, and even mood and energy levels. Magnesium loss is caused by excessive sugar or alcohol use, among other factors. Most people don’t consume the huge quantities of green vegetables that would be required to compensate for the loss.
Orotic acid is a natural substance found in our bodies and also in various foods, including whey. Orotates, like magnesium orotate, are mineral salts of orotic acid. According to the German physician Hans Nieper, orotates are part of a system of electrolyte carriers for distributing minerals throughout the body. Dr. Nieper claimed that mineral orotates, especially magnesium orotate, have cardiovascular benefits. An article in the journal Cardiovascular Drugs and Therapy in 1998, reported many positive findings for cardiovascular health at a symposium on the uses of magnesium orotate.
Dr. Nieper used magnesium orotate with other mineral salts to treat atrial fibrillation. Magnesium orotate can also improve the elasticity of blood vessels, which could result in lower blood pressure and prevention of arteriosclerosis. Dr. Nieper found that a daily dose of 380 mg magnesium orotate over 15 months normalized, or greatly improved, the elasticity of peripheral blood vessels in over 93% of patients tested.
Magnesium orotate can also be useful for enhancing wellness and athletic performance. In a double-blind, randomized study, competitive triathletes were studied after four weeks of taking either magnesium orotate or a placebo. Results showed that the athletes had greater endurance for a 380-meter swim, a 20-km bicycle race, and a 5-km run as a result of supplementing with magnesium orotate.

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