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Peppermint: Clinical studies have shown its efficacy in gastrointestinal inflammation and irritation. Also used for intestinal gas and cramping. Also helps treat headaches; it can be taken orally or used topically at the shoulders and back of the neck.

Pharmaceutical grade essential oils are for oral use in the treatment of disease by doctors in France, Italy Spain and Germany. They are tested in laboratories in France for their therapeutic properties. Pharmaceutical grade oils are sold as a prescription item in France. For oral use, they are often added to pharmaceutical grade plant extracts or tinctures. One can also put 2 or 3 drops of an essential oil or oils in a gelatin capsule. Example: Use 3 drops of oil of thyme and 3 drops of oil of eucalyptus in a capsule. Use a medicine dropper to add some olive oil to fill the capsule. The olive oil is also useful as a dispersant so that you don’t exhale the oils from the stomach

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