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Dr. Serge Jurasunas is an internationally-renowned doctor who has worked with cancer patients for over fifty years. In Cancer Treatment Breakthrough, Dr. Jurasunas shows how natural compounds can synergize with chemotherapy increasing its efficacy, and how they also can be used to prevent cancer. Cancer is frequently considered to be a disease of the “cell cycle,” the life cycle of cells from their origin to the end of their life. Regulating the cell cycle is the target of chemotherapy drugs, many of which are very toxic. By monitoring the genes that regulate the cell cycle in his patients, Dr. Jurasunas has shown that nontoxic immune boosters can regulate the cell cycle just as effectively as chemotherapy, but with no side effects.

Cancer Treatment Breakthrough is rich in illustrations and presents numerous case histories of successful outcomes. The book explains how lifestyle changes and supplementation can be used effectively, often along with conventional treatment, and provides important insights into how safe, new cancer treatment strategies can be designed.

  • Explains genetics and immunology of cancer
  • Explains the diagnostic and evaluation methods used to monitor patients
  • Detailed explanations of important scientifically tested supplements
  • Explains lifestyle recommendations for prevention and treatment of cancer
  • Presents numerous case histories of how cancer patients have recovered and improved quality of life