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BRM-4 is a functional food produced by culturing rice bran with shiitake mushroom mycelia. It is in widespread use internationally for its immune-modulating and other therapeutic properties. BRM-4 supports the immune system by both strengthening and modulating immune system activity. BRM-4 increases the activity of the body´s white blood cells - particularly T and B cells, but especially the all-important Natural Killer (NK) cell function. When NK activity slows down, recognition of unhealthy, infected or malignant cells is also diminished. This essential task of the immune system can result in buildup of toxic “debris” of unhealthy or infected dysfunctional or senile cells. This accumulation can cause damage to tissues and activate a chronic inflammatory response. There is also evidence that Natural killer (NK) cell clearance of tumor cells following surgery is vital in preventing postoperative metastases. Surgery reduces NK cell total numbers in the spleen and affects their migration as well as their activity. In one study a group of 20 healthy adult men and women were given a daily dose BRM-4 for 60 days. NK cell activity rose by approximately 35% in the first week.