Dan Kenner

Dan Kenner, Ph.D., L.Ac., is the founder of Ormed Institute. Many of the products listed were discovered during travel in Europe and Asia, and some are produced with unique technology. Kenner is a writer and consultant in alternative health care with 45 years of clinical experience in both East Asian and Western Naturopathic Medicine. He is licensed to practice acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine both in the U.S. and in Japan, where he trained for six years. During this time, he did two medical hospital internships, did translations from Japanese to English of university research on botanical medicine, and worked in a busy private clinic in Osaka for three years.


He is author of The Whole-Body Workbook for Cancer (New Harbinger, 2009), Acupuncture Core Therapy (Paradigm, 2008), and Botanical Medicine: A European Professional Perspective (Paradigm, 1996). Dan is on the Board of Governors of The National Health Federation (www.thenhf.com). Dan has consulted for product companies in research, materials acquisition, and product development, He has also consulted with health retreats and spas in Europe, the U.S. and China on integration of alternative medicine methods into the spa environment.


Dan teaches practitioner training seminars and speaks at conferences on various aspects of natural medicine, and has consulted with clinics and spas in Europe, China, and Japan on integrating alternative health care practices. In addition to acupuncture, botanical medicine, light therapy and electronic treatment modalities, Dan recommends customized treatment protocols for various health challenges, such as chronic pain and nervous system disorders.


He uses various treatment modalities in his practice:


Acupuncture: Japanese meridian therapy is a very mild low-dose form of acupuncture; Auricular medicine, developed in France, uses points on the ear for treating the whole body


Botanical Medicine: Kampo is Japanese-style traditional Chinese herbal medicine with a history of 500 years. It is the most professionalized botanical medicine in the world. It is practiced only by M.D.s or licensed pharmacists in private clinics and hospitals. It is covered in many cases by the National Health Insurance. The medications are up to international pharmaceutical grade standards and are the subject of numerous clinical studies published in peer-reviewed medical journals.

Dan also uses essential oils (aromatherapy) and “Western” herbal medicine based on an integrative physiology clinical model developed in France (Endobiogeny).


Nutritional Supplements: Recommendations are made as needed for various minerals, vitamins, amino acids, and other nutritional needs.


Laboratory Testing: In addition to conventional blood test interpretation, Dan uses an integrative system of blood test interpretation based on the French Endobiogeny system. This system sometimes makes it possible to understand underlying causes and get a picture of the function of the entire physiological condition. This can often lead to a more focused treatment strategy.


SCENAR Therapy: The SCENAR (Self-Controlled Energy Neuro Adaptive Regulator) device is a non-invasive, safe, and painless treatment for acute and chronic pain, as well as nervous system and functional disorders. It is effective in changing persistent, “stuck” patterns that are resistant to most other forms of treatment.


Photobiotherapy: Photobiotherapy is a treatment using a powerful multi-spectrum LED light emanation that has been researched extensively in recent years and found to be effective for arresting progression and even reversing symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinsonism and other nervous system problems. Photobiotherapy increases ATP (the cellular energy molecule) levels, decreases inflammation, speeds up healing and stimulates nerve function. The Photobiotherapy device is used in conjunction with the F-Scan, a measuring device that detects specific frequencies that require treatment, and then programs the light therapy device with the correct frequencies.


Brain Gauge: The Brain Gauge is a cognitive assessment tool that uses touch-based sensory testing to measure brain health. It utilizes the user’s response over a variety of tests that measure and score in areas of speed, accuracy, fatigue, connectivity and other brain-related functions. The Brain Gauge is useful both for evaluating brain function and for monitoring progress or changes during treatment.